SmartcomTECH SMS Billing & Reporting


A.A. SmartcomTech is one of the leading carriers of international voice traffic and SMS hubbing with more than 10 years of proven activity. The headquarter of the company is based in New-Jersey, US since 2008.
From 2007, A.A. SmartcomTech carries all Retail international traffic of iKappa (, a leading calling card company in the Tri-State area.


UI/UX Design: 200+ hours
Architecture: 400+ hours
QA & Testing: 700+ hours
Project Management: 500+ hours
Development: 2000+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Technology stack Features Result


As a dealer of SMS traffic SmartcomTECH needed a rating system on SMS-gateway (in this situation was used Kannel – It was also necessary to have an ability for building different reports by the traffic and rates. So, SmartcomTECH decided to develop a system that will be built over the SMS-gateway and gather all required information.

Strategy & Solution

After couple negotiation sessions SmartcomTECH and Arixess agreed to deeply learn all capabilities of Kannel SMS-gateway and then decide what is the best approach to fulfill requirements to the SMS Billing & Reporting system.

As a solution Arixess advised to develop a system that should utilize a mechanism for downloading and parsing of Kannel’s CDRs, save required SMS-parameters into a dedicated DataBase, real-time SMS-rating based on previously entered prices, and custom static reporting by SMS-traffic.

Arixess developed a bunch of tools for integration with Kannel SMS-gateway, e.g. reseller accounts management, SMS-routing rules management, recent connections list to Kannel, management of the gateway services, show real-time SMS-traffic, etc. As a next step Arixess developed features for SMS-traffic billing, such as management of SMS prices and resellers, management of MCC-MNC tables, rating based on SMS status, multiple currencies support. And as a result the SMS Billing & Reporting system provided SmartcomTECH with a facility to build different custom reports, send invoices to clients in different formats and through various channels and many other useful things.

Technology stack

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  • Reseller accounts (ESME, SMSC) management on the gateway
  • Sms-routing rules management
  • Display information by active connections to the gateway
  • Display live sms-traffic
  • Restarting the gateway services


  • SMS price lists management
  • Management and sending of rates-offers to client (reseller)
  • Automated downloading of files (xls, csv) from specified mailboxes with sms-prices from vendors of sms-traffic and import them into the system
  • MCC-MNC tables management for each reseller
  • Parcing of SMSs from the gateway DataBase
  • Parcing of SMSs from the gateway text logs
  • Rating based on SMS-status
  • Multiple currencies support


  • CDRs (all SMS details)
  • Reports for any period of time with grouping by periods of time (hour, day, month) / reseller (ESME, SMSC) / direction (operator) / sms status


  • Automatic creation for each reseller based on specified time periods
  • PDF and xls formats of Invoices
  • Support to send invoices to multiple recipients, managed lists
  • Facility to review invoice details on web-page with a facility to re-send e-mail with invoice


As a result SmartcomTECH received a full-functioning system for SMS-traffic and prices management. It is a multiple users system with different levels of access. The system completely controls everything related to SMS-traffic and route the traffic to most profitable for SmartcomTECH directions.


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