Intelligent Technologies

We widely use intelligent technologies to make our solutions smarter

Arixess is at the forefront of the use of new project implementation technologies. We adopt the latest approaches for process automation, data processing and visualization. This contributes to the projects of our customers, keeping them always one step ahead of the competition, and contributes to the overall quality of services we provide.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality implies integrating digital content – images, videos, or interactive date – as a layer on top of real-world environment. When integrated with powerful AI and IOT, VR/AR becomes a real-life superpower, maximizing user experience and bringing in additional profits. Many business sectors and industries are taking advantage of this increasingly affordable technology. Education, e-commerce, gaming, art, advertising, retail, manufacturing, maintenance and repair are just some of the numerous examples.

Arixess is ready to implement AR on full spectrum of modern devices: AR glasses, headsets, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. Our team is experienced in using VR/AR for the projects in the fields of Commerce, Workforce Training, and Gaming.

Big Data & Business Intelligence

With each coming year, the volume of data in the world keeps growing. Along with open government data and user-generated content on social media, businesses also need to process data from their own CRM and ERP systems, and all the Industry 4.0 equipment and machinery. It is impossible to truly benefit from those data advancements without powerful IT solutions, often featuring advanced AI.

Arixess has some considerable big data accomplishments behind its belt – a number of solutions for data warehousing, integration, analytics, and presentation in the fields of Telecommunication, Finance, Precious Metals, and Cyber Security.

Distributed Ledger Systems

Blockchain has become the hot topic for many businesses, not only in the IT. This technology can increase the security of financial transaction records — or, in fact, any kind of records you may need. Thus, distributed ledgers are also used to create data storage systems.

Arixess has a vast experience in development of distributed ledger systems for Gaming, Insurance, transportation control in the Oil & Gas industry. On top of that, we successfully developed a new cryptocurrency. The blockchain-based systems developed by Arixess underpin success of many businesses, saving some of them millions of dollars.

Artificial Intelligence

When you need AI software development expertise, Arixess is available. Our team of AI Engineers integrate seemlessly into your team. For the CISO, Chief Date Officer or Chief Analytics Officer leading Artificial Intelligence, Arixess provides the necessary skillset to get ahead of the game. AI brings a new wave of transformation. Expect significant changes to already fluid IT roadmaps, processes and data environments. Arixess delivers integrated development across critical components including cloud services.


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