We widely use intelligent technologies to make our solutions smarter.

Over the last 10 years Arixess developed solutions, ranging from relatively small websites and applications to large-scale enterprise systems. Our software underpins the success of businesses in a variety of industries, helping to streamline their activities, save resources, ensure strong web presence, and provide safe and high-quality services to their customers.


Telecommunication is traditionally viewed as the industry that removes barriers between people. To do so, telecommunication companies first have to overcome their own obstacles, learn to work across the globe, ensuring the proper capacity and reliability of their communication channels, preferably with minimal latency and 100% uptime.

For clients in this industry, Arixess developed a number of solutions for traffic management, tariff and charge administration, and traffic vendor management. We implement mechanisms to automatically send traffic through the most cost-effective channels available at each particular moment. Also, we help our clients with automation of big data processing and generating instant reports based on millions of records.

Cyber Security

As cyber security concerns keep growing, governments and businesses struggle to enhance their ability to detect and respond to the growing landscape of cyber threats and crafty AI-powered attacks, with whatever limited resources they can afford. Threat analysis, protection from data leakage, DDoS attacks, malware and ransomware are constantly on their agenda.

Arixess has worked in this industry for years, developing Intranet systems, monitoring systems, control panels, CRM systems to secure timely detection, reporting, and effectively addressing vulnerabilities. Also, our solutions help companies ensure compliance with stringent cyber security regulations and gain trust of their customers.


In finance, new cohorts of clients demand better technological solutions, lower costs, and streamlined mobile-friendly UX. As a software development vendor, Arixess has seen first-hand how new technologies can propel massive growth in the finance industry. We have a rich experience in development of CRM, ERP, telecommunication, automation, and analysis systems for this industry.

We developed solutions for tax management and tax rebates, generation of financial reports, analytics and forecasting of financial activity based on analytical processing. The systems developed by our team are highly secure, robust, and can quickly handle large volumes of data requests and backend computations. 

Precious Metals

In the precious metals industry, like nowhere else, customer trust is the key to success, and the smoothly running, professional-looking IT systems are often crucial to make the right first impression.

Arixess has over 6 years of experience in development of solutions for the precious metals industry. Our track record includes: ecommerce, CRM, Automated Marketing Tools, Integration Tools, Stock Management Systems, Aggregators of Market Offers, Price Analyzers, REST APIs, etc. The systems we developed are closely integrated with social media and platforms like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy; they enable numerous payment methods, including PayPal, Authorize.Net, Moneris, etc.

Catering & Food

In the modern food industry, IT solutions are crucial to ensure effective interaction with the customers. With this in mind, Arixess developed a number of applications for a number of businesses in the industry: food producers and catering companies delivering food to educational institutions.

Depending on their organizational profiles, we helped them address their ecommerce tasks, and developed systems for managing menus, pre-orders, delivery logistics. In other words, the traditional ecommerce tools (CRM, promotions & discounts, referral programs, orders management, payment processing, analytics) came together with industry-specific functionality (family menus, delivery schedules, logistics, etc.)

Real Estate

Real estate is one of traditional big money industries that undergone considerable changes over the recent decades. One the one hand, real estate companies increasingly rely on property management and CRM system to effectively manage their data. On the other hand, following the customer demand, agencies rush to enrich their online presence with up-to-date features: MLS property search, geolocation-based search by map, virtual 3D property tours, galleries and testimonials. And just like in other industries, they have to integrate with social media for lead generation for customer relationship building. Arixess has successfully developed such features for many real estate projects.

Passenger Transportation

Arixess has extensive experience in developing IT solutions for passenger transportation. Our team covers a diverse set of transportation’s digital needs, always ready to offer the best tech stack for each particular business application, helping companies meet the travelers’ changing expectations, e.g. tracking the movement of tickets, and providing real-time information on ticket availability.

Our solutions enable up to 90% automation of the passenger traffic management process and the related routine, such as: managing routes, accounting for regular and non-scheduled flights, logistics, managing passenger information, checking and synchronizing ticket availability between ticket retailer websites, tools for controlling ticket validity, generation of flight documents, SMS/Viber notifications.

Gaming & Entertainment

Arixess provides a full range of game development services: from creating the scenario, through 2D and 3D character design, to software engineering coding, and testing. We make sure the soft runs smoothly while the user enjoys the gameplay and the visuals.

Our experience in game development is quite versatile: we make games both for adults and children, both for desktop and mobile platforms. In this work, we use some of the latest solutions and cutting-edge technologies, such as Blockchain. Currently, our team excitedly goes a step further – we are successfully harnessing the power of virtual and augmented reality.


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