SmartcomTECH CC Charging System


A.A. SmartcomTech is one of the leading carriers of international voice traffic and SMS hubbing with more than 10 years of proven activity. The headquarter of the company is based in New-Jersey, US since 2008.
From 2007, A.A. SmartcomTech carries all Retail international traffic of iKappa ( , a leading calling card company in the Tri-State area.


UI/UX Design: 200+ hours
Architecture: 300+ hours
QA & Testing: 700+ hours
Project Management: 400+ hours
Development: 1600+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


A client who owns 2 fitness centers in Israel decided to create a billing system for own needs to make it possible to manage subscriptions, prices, discounts, lessons, etc.  and then charge visitors for consumed services/products.

SmartcomTECH requested Arixess to propose a solution that may fulfill all the requirements and would be a single tool for both centers. After investigation Arixess’s team came up with a solution that was finally implemented.

Strategy & Solution

Arixess made a research of what are usual practices for implementation similar tools for gyms and fitness centers. After that it’s been decided to develop a web-application that allows the gyms clients to register and bring all the required information there.

First of all Arixess developed tools for client management, with a facility to import and export them into xls and csv files. “Products/Services” area was added in order to let creating new products and services with all descriptions and costs. The gym clients should have a facility to buy subscriptions, for this purpose corresponding area have been created under the administrative panel. There were also developed some other features for both clients and gym administrators, like internal credits, that may be used by clients for payments, facility to freeze or terminate membership, different payment facilities for clients, notifications, facility to make a payment from several credit cards, etc.

In addition for the gym administration it’s been create a mechanism to build different reports, predict income based on historical payment activity, individual history by client and many other useful features.


  • Client profiles management
  • Import clients via xls-file
  • Export existing clients into xls-file
  • Management of products & services with Categories. Management of “retail products”
  • Management of different types of subscriptions
  • Promo and Discounts management
  • Internal credits – points that may be given to clients. Client can pay for products and services either using the credits from his account or money
  • Facility to “freeze” or “terminate” membership with change or termination of auto-charging
  • Facility for client to pay for products or services by cash or cheque, this way a manual transaction is registered in the system
  • Facility to register a transaction (cheque or credit card) for unregistered clients (walk-in)
  • Refund, with a facility to do just partial refund
  • History of clients, payment history
  • Numerous custom reports including potential income prediction based on payment history and existing amount of clients
  • Credit Card tokenization, either by the gym administrator or by client through sent to his e-mail link to temporal page, where it is possible to call to a payment gateway and enter information about credit card
  • Facility to make payment from more than one credit card, for this purpose it’s necessary to specify what % from total amount should be charged from each card
  • Deferred charging set for particular date and time
  • Notifications to clients/managers/administrators about coming events in the gym
  • Multiple user support with different access levels
  • Interface for management several gyms, just by switching between them without a requirement to login into each of them


As a result SmartcomTECH received a nice system for fitness centers/ gyms management with a facility to manage clients, subscriptions, events in the gym, payments and reports by all activities.


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