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Jewcy Cuisine Food


Jewcy Cuisine was serving 15 schools delivering daily launches for all pupils. Top priority was to satisfy taste of every student and deliver always fresh and quality food.


UI/UX Design: 80+ hours
Architecture: 40+ hours
QA & Testing: 80+ hours
Project Management: 60+ hours
Development: 320+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


A catering company that serves several educational establishments decided to create a tool that helps to manage students, dishes, daily menus, payment processing, etc. in order to make the process smooth.

The system had to give students a facility to select menus for each day of the week based on available dishes and pay for them in a 2 weeks advance. Jewcy Cuisine had a facility to print lists of menus and numbers of them that should be delivered to every establishment each day of the week.

Strategy & Solution

For Arixess this was not 1st time to work in Food & Catering industry, so the team started from research and investigation of process peculiarities that Jewcy Cuisine has. This initial phase took couple of meetings during 1 week and as a result requirements to new system have been composed.

Next step was creating UI/UX to make the system interfaces easy and comfortable for use by students and parents. The requirement was to simply represent a selection of menus and dishes with a flexibility to build personal or family menus for months in advance with further capability to amend them.

During the development phase Arixess implemented a set of valuable features, such as management of dishes with information about ingredients, builder of menus, management of establishments and students, management of orders, online payments, historical information. Students got a facility to compose own menus for next several months with a capability to review them and change at any time they want that, all price differences are controlled by the system indicating how much each student owe to Jewcy Cuisine or how much is on deposit for future use.

The solution exceeded Jewcy Cuisine’s expectations which is good result for Arixess team.


  • Management of establishments
  • Management of classes
  • Management of students
  • Management of dishes and ingredients
  • Builder of menus
  • Student profiles
  • Personal menus
  • Family menus
  • Credits
  • Historical data
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Daily supply lists
  • Accounting reports


Jewcy Cuisine system supported business on a proper higher level, it saved time and improved customer support services. Sales increased in 3 times and the workload became predictable.


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