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Oslo Innovation

Oslo Innovation is a Norwegian company that specializes in providing innovative technology solutions and services to a wide range of industries, including finance, healthcare, and energy. They are renowned for their focus on cutting-edge research and development, as well as their commitment to delivering exceptional customer value.


UI/UX Design: 35
Architecture: 24
QA & Testing: 16
Project Management: 35
Development: 130
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


Oslo Innovations asked Arixess to modify an open-source program called ‘Apertium Simpleton UI’ to create an efficient and seamless text translation solution. They wanted the translation to work imperceptibly, without disrupting the user experience. Arixess needed to design a solution that provided a seamless translation experience without any visible changes to the user interface.

Strategy & Solution

Arixess has developed the  Global Translator project, an innovative offline translation program that simplifies the translation process by enabling users to replace marked text with its translation by just pressing a keystroke. Arixess team of skilled C++ developers has improved the existing code to enhance the program’s functionality and make it more user-friendly, ensuring that it meets client’s requirements. With this modifications, users can now translate text more efficiently and with greater ease, saving valuable time and effort. Overall, the  Global Translator project represents a cutting-edge solution for anyone looking to streamline their translation process and achieve faster and more accurate translations.


  • Offline translation capabilities
  • Ability to translate marked text with just one keystroke
  • Multilingual support for a variety of languages
  • Customizable translation options for more accurate translations
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Integration with existing text editors and software
  • Automatic language detection for faster translation
  • Advanced grammar and spell-checking features
  • Ability to save translated text for future reference
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for greater efficiency
  • Secure data encryption to protect sensitive information
  • Compatibility with different file types, including PDFs and Word documents


As a result, Arixess implemented a solution through which the  Global Translator project was a resounding success, delivering a highly effective solution to Oslo Innovations translation requirements. The program’s streamlined yet powerful functionality has enabled client to save valuable time and resources, allowing them to concentrate on their core business operations with greater efficiency. The client was delighted with the outcome and has since entrusted Arixess with their ongoing software development requirements, demonstrating their confidence in our capabilities.


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