GLESEC Intranet



GLESEC’s origins trace to the JvNCnet network of Princeton University, part of the National Science Foundation initiatives in 1984.

Established in 2003 in New Jersey, USA, GLESEC is an international cyber-security company assisting large and multinational clients address their business info-security needs.


UI/UX Design: 200+ hours
Architecture: 500+ hours
QA & Testing: 400+ hours
Project Management: 200+ hours
Development: 1300+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


Operating as a vendor of cyber security services GLESEC required a tool for management of internal business flow and documentation on a proper safe and secure level. At that moment GLESEC used an old system that satisfied only small part of requirements and there was no change to improve it as it was built on a very old technology.

GLESEC requested Arixess to help build a new system with rich functionality and facility to scale and that has been done meeting tough deadlines.

Strategy & Solution

Started from deep learning of old system functionality and what are existing and future business needs of GLESEC successively Arixess together with GLESEC administration elaborated requirements to the system that meets expectations. Under tight deadlines and a need to have certain functionality before specified dates the team created a schedule and successively delivered required functionality on time.

Successively Arixess’s team delivered functionality for Human Resource, Accounting, Administration Center, Operation Centers with support to manage staff-members, services and clients in different countries with particular settings for them.  As dedicated phases Arixess delivered support for projects/issues management, GLESEC client’s technical stuff management in order to provide quality cyber security reports, GLESEC – Clients interaction, Reporting system.

Step by step Arixess built a system for GLESEC that let them move away from using of numerous separated systems and take control of all stuff just in single application completely adapted for internal business process.


  • 2-factor Authentication
  • Calendar
  • Request Time Off
  • Company Directory
  • Attendance Report
  • Client Active-Members
  • Personnel files
  • Attendance Reports
  • Vacation Report
  • Time Off Report
  • Productivity Reports
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Contracts
  • Services
  • Products
  • Billing Reports
  • User Reports
  • Consultant Fees Reports
  • Operational Regions Management
  • Divisions & Sub-divisions
  • Escalation Profiles
  • Positions
  • Monitoring Walls & Builder
  • Simulation Data
  • Case & Resource Utilization System
  • Operation Forms
  • Escalation Profiles
  • Critical Asset Database
  • Compliance Database
  • Splunk Searches Repository
  • Quality Control
  • Cyber Security News
  • Roles Management
  • Users Management
  • Monthly Reports Automation


As a result GLESEC has a system that fits all business requirements and supports permanent growth of the business. The system is continuously improved and enhanced to support new business requirements.

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