UI/UX Design: 100+ hours
Architecture: 300+ hours
QA & Testing: 300+ hours
Project Management: 200+ hours
Development: 800+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Technology stack Features Result


GLESEC required a system that would be a membership portal for clients in order to easily access their cyber security reports. It’s been decided to develop a Global Membership Portal (GMP) to utilize all functions and reports available for clients.

The challenge was also to make the GMP strongly protected so only authorized people can have access to the information displayed there.

Strategy & Solution

From the beginning there were planned by GLESEC several versions of the GMP application to grow features successively in each new version. Arixess discussed requirements with GLESEC and after that composed a step by step delivery schedule.

Several times, before important events for GLESEC, Arixess delivered new versions of GMP application with new extended functionality so that every time on the events GLESEC had new features to announce and bring new clients by that.

As a result the GMP provides rich functionality for GLESEC’s client, where they can easily look through hundreds cyber security reports,  available documents, observer all contracted services and information related to them, complete Critical Asset Database, look at how the business comply with security standards, manage cases and resources, interact with GLESEC and stay immediately updated once some potential vulnerabilities appear.

Technology stack

GLESEC required a system that would be a membership portal for clients in order to easily access their cyber security reports.


  • Multiple-factors Verification
  • Tactical Dashboard
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Assets Services & Dashboards
  • Security Validation  Services & Dashboards
  • Risk Services & Dashboards
  • Vulnerability Services & Dashboards
  • Compliance Services & Dashboards
  • Trusted Access Services & Dashboards
  • Threats Services & Dashboards
  • In total more than 300 visual widgets with information
  • Key Security Indicators
  • Cyber Security News
  • Compliance Database
  • Threat Intelligence Activity: Live on the Map
  • Reports
  • Documents
  • Contracted Services
  • Critical Asset Database
  • Case & Resource Utilization System
  • Settings
  • Quality Control
  • Operation Forms


GLESEC has an attractive tool with rich functionality that lets it’s clients to see full image about  their cyber security. GLESEC – Client interaction became more efficient and bring mutual benefits: more security for Clients and more business for GLESEC.


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