Gdamaler CRM & IP Telephony



Gdamaler is one of the leading international passenger bus carriers in Ukraine operating since 2003. Having a vast selection of buses Gdamaler provides regular bus services to more than 10 Europe countries on daily basis carrying thousands passengers a day.


UI/UX Design: 60+ hours
Architecture: 160+ hours
QA & Testing: 200+ hours
Project Management: 200+ hours
Development: 700+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


Gdamaler required a solution to improve dispatch management. This would seamlessly integrate with CRM functions and logistics. This would require improvements to online ticketing systems and the overall management system. The client’s vision was to build a system to optimise process and scale business. This would all need to be achieved at the the same time as meeting the requirement to improve customer services.

Strategy & Solution

From the start we set out understand existing processes and negotiate improvement at Gdamaler. This effort underpinned the ability of Arixess to establish clear requirements for a system and its features. Arixess went on to conduct deeper research to collect information. This helped create a clear vision of the system.

Step by step Arixess developed functionality for building route points,  routes, price lists, schedules, manage currencies, languages, agents, buses, drivers, dispatchers, tickets, passengers, etc.

The electronic ticket solution was developed to protect Gdamaler from cheaters. It would makes it easier for passengers to buy and bring tickets. And in combination with waybills, drivers are able to save time and know exactly where to pick up passengers.

Improved communication tools stepped up interaction between cashiers, dispatchers and drivers on a proper higher level.

With a new system in place Gdamaler could open up opportunities to scale their operation. This would generate more ticket sales through agents, dealers and ticketing services. Passengers are kept up to date with information related to their trip via SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, e-mail  messages.


  • Authentication
  • Management of Route Points
  • Management of Routes
  • Management of Schedules (fixed and floating)
  • Management of Rates (static and dynamic)
  • Management of Buses and schemes of sits
  • Management of Drivers & Dispatchers
  • Management of Passengers
  • Management of Tickets
  • Management of Agents
  • Management of API Integrations
  • Management of Ticketing Services
  • Search of Tickets for Dispatchers
  • Electronic Ticket & Waybill
  • Online Purchase facility
  • Integration with Payment Gateway
  • User profile
  • User History
  • SMS/Viber/Whatsapp/E-mail notificatons
  • Reports
  • Social Media Integration
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Integration with IP Telephony
  • Communication Tools
  • Multiple Currencies Support
  • Multiple Languages Support


A full service system for this established passenger carrier. A solution that provides traceability and powerful business management information. The collaboration of Gdamaler and Arixess delivered an excellent system that met the expectation of the business whilst increasing the enjoyment of thousands passengers.


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