FindCoinOnline is an online platform for the precious metals market that provides users with a unique tool to search for market information, compare prices, and connect with reputable dealers.


UI/UX Design: 200+ hours
Architecture: 300+ hours
QA & Testing: 400+ hours
Project Management: 300+ hours
Development: 1200+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


Being more than 4 years in development for precious metals industry Arixess found a gap, unoccupied niche that there is no tool for people willing to buy precious metals that they could use it for finding precious metals.

After some thoughts the decision has been made to apply collected knowledge and experience and build a unique tool that will collect all market information and provide it to end consumers in one place.

Strategy & Solution

From the beginning Arixess understood what should be the final product and what unique features are necessary to develop. So from the beginning the team looked for best approaches and technologies to solve two main issues: gather information from global market with it’s relevance support and provide an easy and efficient search facility through all collected information.

Investigating one by one the sources that were supposed to be used for gathering the market data Arixess noticed that all of them can be grouped into several categories and then a unified approach can be applied to sources of each category. This way two methods for collecting information have been specified and implemented: crawler that is permanently scanning the internet to collect data and a gateway that can be used by vendors of market data to push it directly into the FindCoinOnline platform. One issue has been solved.

In order to implement an efficient search tool Arixess understood that all the data should be well structured and unified, and additionally some kind of search engine should be implemented. Several search engines were tested but no one completely satisfied the need.  We did not want to create a new search engine, so decided to develop a search preprocessor that helped to receive necessary results with existing supported by community search engine. Second issue has been solved.

With a set of administrative and membership features FindCoinOnline has been released and published online. All expectations are achieved!


  • Crawler of market data
  • Gateway for market data
  • Market spot rates hub
  • Dynamic prices
  • Stock availability analyzer
  • Catalog of coins and bars
  • Catalog of dealers
  • Reviews
  • Calculator for Investors
  • Prices comparison
  • Multiple currencies
  • Plugins for popular eCommerce engines
  • Dealer profile
  • Customer profile


The result is a unique for the market platform which is growing up it’s community and set of features. It is an initial iteration for building a global marketplace.


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