A QGIS projects & Assets Management Tool

A collaborative tool for team work on QGIS projects for fibre networks planning and surveying


FiberGIS specialises in delivering quality planning and design services to new and established telecommunications service providers in the UK.
*The actual business name has been altered in accordance with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).


UI/UX Design: 178 hours
Architecture: 342 hours
QA & Testing: 467 hours
Project Management: 587 hours
Development: 2469 hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


The main challenge faced in developing the web-portal was creating an integrated solution that could automatically pull data from the Openreach portal, manage QGIS projects and versions, facilitate real-time collaboration, communication, and asset information collection. The team also had to ensure that the portal’s surveying process was streamlined and efficient for asset management purposes. Overcoming these challenges required a comprehensive understanding of QGIS project structure and how it can be most efficiently displayed in web.

Strategy & Solution

The web-portal is a powerful solution designed for effective visualization and collaboration on QGIS projects. With the ability to automatically pull data from the Openreach portal, manage QGIS projects and versions, and provide real-time collaboration and communication tools, the platform has become an indispensable tool for the client.

One of the most notable features of the portal is the ability to work with QGIS projects in an offline mode. This is particularly important for the client who works in remote locations with limited internet connectivity. With the offline mode feature, users can easily download the necessary project files and work on them even without an active internet connection. Once they are back online, the portal automatically synchronizes any changes made to the project files.

In addition to the offline mode feature, the portal also offers advanced surveying capabilities, allowing users to collect information about assets and integrate this data with their QGIS projects. This has significantly improved our clients’ ability to manage project assets and make informed decisions about the project planning.

Overall, the web-portal is a comprehensive solution that streamlines the management of QGIS projects, provides real-time collaboration and communication tools, and allows for offline work, making it an essential tool for professionals in the fiber networks planning industry.


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and management of QGIS projects and versions
  • Integration with Openreach portal for automatic data pulling
  • Real-time collaboration for multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously
  • Commenting and communication tools for efficient collaboration and feedback
  • Surveying tools for collecting information about assets
  • Secure login and account management features
  • Project sharing capabilities with authorized clients and partners
  • Support for various data formats, including vector and raster layers
  • Easy customization of project layers and styles
  • Advanced data analysis and querying tools
  • Georeferencing tools for adding spatial context to non-spatial data
  • Offline mode for working on projects without internet access
  • Integration with cloud storage platforms for easy project sharing and backup
  • Geoprocessing tools for performing complex spatial operations
  • Customizable print layouts for generating high-quality project maps and reports
  • WMS and WFS integration for accessing and using data from external sources
  • Advanced symbology and labeling options for enhanced visualization of project data
  • Version control and revision history tracking for managing project changes and updates
  • Support for multiple languages and internationalization
  • API integration for easy integration with other systems and applications
  • Advanced search and filter options for finding specific project data
  • Exporting and importing of project data in various formats, including shapefile, CSV, and GeoJSON
  • Support for various coordinate reference systems and projections
  • Integration with GPS and mobile data collection devices
  • Data validation and quality control tools to ensure accurate and reliable project data.


Thanks to solutions offered by Arixess the results of the project have been overwhelmingly positive, with FiberGIS and their clients now able to collaborate seamlessly on Openreach data and QGIS projects. The portal has helped to streamline the process of working with Openreach data and has increased efficiency in building network infrastructure solutions. Additionally, the use of QGIS projects in the portal has allowed for more accurate planning and visualization of network deployments, leading to a more informed decision-making process.


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