Development Stack

We widely use intelligent technologies to make our solutions smarter.

Arixess provides a full range of development services for web and mobile. Using a variety of tools we help our clients bring their business to a whole new level, strengthen security, and boost performance. Over the years, we have dealt with projects of every scope, from small mobile apps to large-scale online systems.

Our team will carefully study your existing or planned IT infrastructure and find the optimal way to manage data through various software solutions. We always strive to deliver rapid software development , to excel in quality and ensure stability under heavy loads


Arixess builds stable, interactive and functional web apps and sites using .NET framework tools, ensuring great performance, scalability, and integration capacities. Having mastered this stack to the highest professional standards, we are ready to serve your business in tasks of any complexity. Whether you intend to build new software from scratch, customize third-party solutions, integrate legacy solutions or migrate them to the web, Arixess can help.

Arixess is ready to provide your company with a dedicated .NET development team. You will get your own team of developers on short notice, with all the advantages of flexible outsourced development.


When it comes to large projects, Java is an obvious choice. Java is known for fast development, high performance, and security of software. You get a solution working across all devices and browsers, while Arixess makes sure your backend and frontend are professionally and efficiently coded.

If you need a team of reliable software experts to work on your web application, the Arixess Dedicated Java Development Team is a perfect choice. We provide our clients with in-house-like control level, easy work process, clear contracts, the best IT services, and all the additional features necessary for long-term partnership.


Arixess loves PHP because it gives us powerful tools to exceed expectations of our customers. Millions of websites and web applications around the world run on PHP. There are many reasons for that: availability of third party libraries and frameworks, built-in defense mechanisms, load balancing, possibility to integrate via SOAP and REST.

Clients that need to be in full control of development opt for our Dedicated PHP Development Teams. This is the perfect way to quickly get a team of developers of any seniority up and running fast. Your projects ramp up without any of the hassle or costs associated with hiring.


Python is a modern web development language known for high performance, continuous or long-running background processes and large amounts of addressable memory. What’s more, Python can boast a broad range of feature-rich frameworks available to boost the speed of development. Django, Flask, Pyramid, and many other.

Extensive hands-on expertise and ongoing learning from the world’s best practices make Arixess a tried-and-true partner to build solid backend systems and web applications. In fact, you can even pick a Dedicated Python Development Team, that will focus all their time and effort on the tasks of your project.


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Behind every great IT project there is great backend backend software, diligently storing and processing data from different sources. For many years, Arixess has delivered custom backend panels for web and mobile applications . Arixess can develop a backend from scratch or optimize and refactor existing systems by adding new features and enhancing performance.

If scalability is one of your priorities, we can help migrate your backend to cloud. Arixess has completed dozens of projects for a number of industries and business domains. We have the right tools to meet your needs.


Arixess is experienced in creating appealing, stable, and functional interactive interfaces for desktop and cloud-based software across a number of industries and domains. We develop high-end frontends for web-based software, and SaaS solutions, and single page applications. Whether you need a simple admin panel for process management or a robust business intelligence dashboard, analytics or data visualization application, our engineers are ready to help .

We leverage the power of the latest technologies to ensure your product runs smoothly on every platform and device. With usability at the core of our development, we always make sure your interface is as simple as possible and enjoyable to use.

Mobile Platforms

Our team has years of experience in the development of mobile applications, large and small for a variety of industries. We are ready to support you at each stage of the process: BA analysis, UX/UI design, selecting the tools, backend and application development, testing, launch and further maintenance of your app.

Arixess uses a wide range of tools to make sure that each project is developed to meetexpectations of time, price, and quality. Our mobile apps have an attractive look and feel, intuitive interface, and create optimum mobile experience.


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