Business Solutions

We widely use intelligent technologies to make our solutions smarter.

Over 14+ years of its operation, Arixess developed a number of systems of different complexity to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Our team is experienced in creation of CRM, ERP, ecommerce systems, and intranets for companies working in Telecommunication, Cyber Security, Passenger Transportaion, eCommerce, and many other industries.

Business Process Automation

Arixess team has abundant experience in delivering custom line-of-business solutions and end-to-end processes automation, enabling businesses to make the best use of their existing technological capacities. In particular, we have developed custom solutions for Cyber Security, Finances, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Precious Metals, and related industries.
Together with the client, we analyze the existing business processes and data flows, design the solution, implement it, and provide maintenance and support if necessary. Depending on the needs of the client, our BPM solutions can include any of the following modules: customer relationship management, vendor and supply chain management, corporate communications, knowledge management, and many more.

Elearning & Online Training

Modern technologies help reshape learning models. They can enhance the elearning experience and open new elearning channels to different audiences. The use of these technologies is not limited to educational institutions, governments and non-profits. Learning managements systems, wikis, analytics, and testware are employed by businesses aiming to gain a skills and knowledge edge over competitors. Common to any implementation is Security and compliance with company policies.

Arixess has experience of developing secure elearning solutions aligned with specific organisational goals.  Experience sets us apart. With clients across a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Beauty, Tourism, Commerce, Politics and others, we cam make a difference together.


Ecommerce websites have totally changed the shopping behaviors and have transformed the way businesses sell and market their products. We provide ecommerce development solutions, giving our clients cutting-edge software development services tailored to their needs. CRM, orders management, payment processing, analytics, promotions and discounts – these are just a few examples of in-demand ecommerce functionality.

Arixess has years of proven experience in ecommerce automation development for Precious Metals, Diamonds, Jewelry, Food & Catering, Passenger Transportation industries. Our services cover everything from design and architecture through development, configuration, deployment, ongoing support, and maintenance.


Responding to the needs of Cyber Security, Finances, and other industries where security is of paramount importance, Arixess develops intranets. For some, we customize and deploy intranets based on existing platform solutions, tailoring them to the client’s needs. For others, we develop full-scale custom solutions specially designed based on the particular client’s business processes and requirements. For others still, we help to revamp, redesign, or migrate an existing intranet, which is also a good opportunity to enrich it with new features. In any case, we make sure that the solution fits the client’s collaboration models and meets the initial expectations.

Social Networking

Nowadays, social media integration is not just about a Share button on a webpage. It’s becoming a crucial element of learning about customer sentiment, driving active participation, integrating survey and social data, connecting and engaging with the audience, and ultimately building relationship with customers.

Whether you want to launch a full-scale social media project or just extend an existing application with a set of social media features, you can entrust this task to Arixess. We have already implemented dozens of social networking solutions for businesses in the fields of Finance, Precious Metals, Jewelry & Gems, Ecommerce, etc.

Web & Enterprise Portals

A functional portal is much more than just attractively design webpage; it’s a place to access aggregated information, collaborate, get self-service, certain social functionality, and much more.
At Arixess, we build, customize and integrate web and enterprise portals of various types, scope and complexity. If you envision complex role-based information access, paid content, or other functionality, our team is ready assist in making your ideas come true. Our solutions already work in a number of industries, taking care of knowledge management, ecommerce, financial services, etc. The portals are responsive, cross-device, and designed to cope with high loads.


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