Indicators that show the need for a remote development team

Success of an IT company depends on how complete their staff is. But it is always a real challenge to find and retain skilled employees. What is the way out?

Your project suffers from a shortage of people? Don’t fall into despair. We have good news for you. A remote development team will help you resolve the problem.

What defines the need for a remote development team

Look at the main indicators which show that business requires external help.

  • Lack of specialists in the local market. 

Have you tried all options to get IT specialists in your city? If so, it is time to use external help.

  • Tight budget.  

Wage levels in the global IT market vary. Build your team from cheaper markets.

  • The need to grow business but not budget. 

Local labor pool is finite. Limited market cannot catch up with growing company needs. If a region has not enough specialists, their salary range bounces up. Global market offers a big number of cheaper workers. Remote employees from such markets help expand business and save.

  • Outsourcing is not what you need. 

You want to involve in the whole loop of your project. Outsource team is not for it. Yet, you need external help with hiring new employees. We are here for it.


What shows your business is ready for a remote development team

  • You have a strong team with strong hierarchy and well-defined roles. 

If you know business processes and your team, you will see who else you need. It won’t be an issue to find the right remote crew to complement your core team. 

  •  You know the goals you want to achieve.  If you have a clear vision of what the company does, you will find the right team. The goals of remote team must align with company ones. New staff should share company values and have interest in product. Being on the same page with you, they will help you achieve what you want.
  • You need a permanent team rather than a temporary contractor. 

It makes sense to launch a remote team culture from the start. In such a case you will not face shortage of people. And your in-house employees get used to work with remote ones at once. 

  • You have good project management skills. Managing an in-house team is not the same as a remote one. It means you may face pitfalls starting your work with distance employees. Strong knowledge of project management in IT helps evade the issues.



There are a lot of reasons to hire a remote development team. It is time to do it if your local market lacks specialists. A tight budget is one more point to look for them. Such a team is a good choice if you avoid work with outsource.

But to find and integrate remote team in your business, you have to prepare.  Review your company goals and processes. After that, check your in-house team roles. You need to learn project and software development management. The research will pay you off. It will help you see how your company will operate with a remote team. And as a famous saying goes, knowing is half the battle. Vision of the team you need will help you find them.

Why we can help ?

The Arixess company has been working with foreign clients for 14 years. We managed to establish strong links with all of them. Looking for a team that can surpass your expectations, feel free to contact us.



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