The provided information offers tips for businesses looking to hire mobile app developers. These insights can assist businesses in making informed decisions when seeking to hire mobile app developers.

With over 8 mln apps available on the market, the industry is thriving. No wonder.  Whatever the business is, it requires a quality mobile app. We assume you are here on the same purpose. You are looking for a professional mobile app developers team. The one who will build a successful app for your company. What should you consider before hiring mobile app developers?

Importance of skilled team for app development

First and foremost, the team should have proper hard skills in app development in general. Good soft skills to be easy to communicate with and meet deadlines. They should know mobile app development trends. 

But it is important to choose the team who has experience with the app you need. What does it mean? If your business requires cross-platform app development, you need the team who knows React Native or Flutter. For IOS native app development, they should know Swift and Objective-C. Android app dev team uses Java, Kotlin, Python, etc.

How can you choose between Native vs. Cross-Platform? Which one will meet your needs better? 

Native App Development

Programming languages for Android and iOS

Native mobile apps are ideal for projects with rich UI. Those can be mobile games, video streaming, photo editors, navigating, music players. Some example of such apps are WhatsApp, Spotify, Tesla, Waze.  

Like any other apps, they have pros and cons:


  • Great UX and high security
  • Access to all native features
  • Perfect performance for apps with complex features



  • Longer time of development
  • Higher dev costs
  • Time and effort consuming maintenance


Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform development implies one single code for both mobile platforms. The code can be rendered across IOS and Android. Cross -platform development allows saving money and time. It is a great solution for a simple app. The dev team can build it fast without compromising quality. The most popular cross-platform apps are Instagram, Airbnb, and Walmart. 

What are the pros and cons of cross-platform app development?


  • Fast and relatively low development costs
  • Reusable code between iOS and Android 
  • Wider audience reach
  • Seamless UX



  • Lower performance especially with complex apps
  • Missing features
  • Update Lag
  • Integration problems

Finding Mobile App Developers

Referring to our tips listed above, you can find a proper mobile dev team. But the second question arises, where can you find them? There are several options to cover the need. But they all have their own pros and cons. 

Job boards for hiring in-house developers

The most common of them is to find in-house developers on a popular job platforms. Having a dev team on board has plenty of pluses and minuses as well.


  • They can interact with the rest of your team in the office
  • You can control and manage them easily
  • Cultural barriers go off



  • To hire a mobile app developer(s) who will work in staff is expensive. 
  • It is not only about salary but cost of insurance, paid vacations, sick leaves, office perks and other fringe benefits. 


Bidding and vetting platforms for freelancer

Another option is to search for freelancers on Upwork or vetting platforms. Such an option is good when your project is on a tight budget. You need to place your offer on the website and wait for bids from applicants. What you need to do is to choose the best suitable candidate. In order to make the right choice, look through their portfolio. Remember to check ratings and feedbacks on previous projects.  

Vetting platforms use various tools to check hard skills of developers. They can recommend you a freelancer with proper qualification. But they can’t insure smooth collaboration and timely project completion. 


  • Compared to in-house developers, freelancer’s work is cheaper 
  • Strict vetting process of skills assessment on freelance platforms
  • Quick hiring and firing



  • Poor communication and low reliability
  • Sometimes poor quality of work. It stems from the fact that they are overloaded
  • Risks that the project may not be finished


Mobile development companies 

Yet another option is to hire mobile dev team. An IT team who have all resources to build an app. 

Advantages of hiring a company

In comparison to outsourcing companies, mobile dev teams are more cohesive. They have been working together for years. Their employees are well-selected and groomed. They have impeccable soft skills and strong hard skills.

Such mobile app development companies have all specialists for a good product. They also offer team augmentation services. Those allow to ramp up and down the team when needed.


  • High quality of work and reliability
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexibility
  • No additional costs
  • Constant and consistent support


There are two minor cons, that might be in some cases. These may be some cultural barrier and different time zone. However, experienced teams have got used to it. So, it won’t be an issue with teams with years on the market. 

Cost of Hiring Mobile App Developers

Costs of hiring mobile developers depend on a lot of factors. They include experience, level of expertise, a language or technologies they use. 

Median annual salaries for different programming languages

According to statistics work of Flutter developer costs from $ 40K per year. Java developer makes from $ 65K per year. And you need to pay more than $83K to a developer on Objective-C on average.

Factors influencing costs

What factors impact the project costs in general? 

  • How complicated the project is
  • How long it is
  • Technologies used to build it
  • Type of app

And a lot of other factors. 

Evaluating Mobile App Developers

Despite the fact that the people on the team are well selected, you should check it. Before hiring it is important to interview candidates for skills. 

Soft skills evaluation tips

Soft skills are critical for seamless work. But they are hard to detect. Interview candidates, ask them general questions and use your gut feeling to choose the right one. Ask candidates  to tell you about their previous experience. Encourage them to point out to their previous project. Make sure they honestly speak about their weaknesses. Check what they say about their strengths. 

Checking hard skills and practical experience

With hard skills it will be a bit easier. Candidates need to know how to answer theoretical questions. You can ask them about their previous projects. Encourage them to speak about how they keep an eye on trends in IT. Practical skills are checked with a coding task.

Choosing a Mobile App Development Vendor

What steps should you make to choose the best mobile dev company?

Checking company portfolios and case studies

When choosing the right candidates, check their portfolios for experience and expertise. Use case studies to see how they will resolve problems. 

Reading customer reviews 

Every respectful team has a collection of reviews from their customers. Check the information. 

Contacting company representatives and project discussion

Get in touch with company management. Discuss with them your expectations and ask if they will be able to meet your needs. Tell them about your business goals, technical requirements, etc.

Reviewing proposed CVs and project estimates

Familiarize yourself with CVs and estimates. Align the latter with your expectations. 

Conducting interviews with potential developers

Even if you are busy or don’t know anything about apps, arrange an interview with the potential developers. You need to see who will build an app for your company. 



It is not a piece of cake to find a mobile app developer for even the simplest project. We hope that our tricks and tips will help you to do it. However, why should you go through that complicated process?  We are here to help you build a mobile app of your dream. 

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