How Much Does It Cost To Build An AI App in 2024: Detailed Guide

AI has been penetrating all facets of human life. Business is not an exception. What is AI? How can it be helpful? Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes. Machines and computer systems create and operate the processes. AI helps solve problems and find solutions. The technology assists people in answering questions and making predictions.

What way does AI work?

The systems link huge amount of data to intelligent, iterative algorithms. This way it learns from patterns and cases that it analyzes.
When AI processes data, it estimates own performance and adds some expertise.

The technology can provide seamless work. It is possible because AI doesn’t need rest. Thus it can resolve millions of tasks in a short time. In order to be able to imitate human intelligence, AI exploits a lot of technologies.

How can AI relate to mobile app development?

  • AI app has a lot of benefits. It enhances user experience.
  • AI enables apps to understand user behavior and personal needs.
  • The technology improves the app’s purpose. 
  • It allows personalized interaction. 

Traditional vs AI types of apps

In comparison to traditional apps, ones with AI can do much more. When it comes to UX, AI apps take an edge. For example, AI-driven chatbots provide consistent customer support. It means round-the-clock assistance. It leads to increasing user satisfaction and reducing work load of customer support team.

With AI development team can create smart notifications. They enable timely and relevant alerts and optimization of user involvement.

AI apps are much more secure than traditional apps. They ensure more secure access due to better behavior analyses.

In addition, AI enables more intuitive navigation and transactions.

AI apps can be leveraged for the ability to translate into other languages and provide smoother contextual insight. It gives users more personalized, efficient, and engaging experience.
Moreover, AI builds a detailed user profiles by data analyses. It involves a lot of factors.

Behavior, location, social media activity are assessed faster than by human. It means that AI apps have a huge edge in terms of quality and amount of collected data. Data that can be useful for offering more proper suggestions of the service for users. It leads to more interactions of a user with the app.

Why are businesses ready to invest into mobile app development?

1. Faster decisions
AI algorithms process huge collection of data very fast. It saves money that could otherwise be spent on hours of manual work. So, it empowers business owners to make faster decisions.

2. Automation and cost savings
Apps with Artificial intelligence enable the company to automate daily processes. Having this ability, they can save lots of time of their employees and reduce expenses.

3. Business Predictions
AI can make predictions about market trends. Analyzing data of previous years, AI protocols make accurate forecasts of future tendencies. Such conclusions may help business stay ahead of their rivals.

4. Much better security
When it comes to security, traditional apps cannot compete with AI ones. As AI is able to detect any new pattern of cyberattack and give a strong protection from it.

5. 24/7 service
AI apps offer service and support regardless the time of the day. It is especially beneficial for business that operate worldwide.


What is the average app development cost?

There are lots of benefits that AI apps can give your company. Let’s figure out have much it will cost. Budgets vary depending on a lot of factors. These are prototype costs, design and development costs and others. Let’s elaborate on the factors affecting cost.

Amount and complexity of work
AI mobile app development process involves complicated algorithms. They require advance technologies which are costly. There are different levels of AI app development. Apps with basic AI features will cost business twice less than with custom, and times less than with advanced ones .
Cost estimation stems from the scope of the project. The one may contain only simple AI services like chatbots or more complex like computer vision systems.

App Making Features and Elements
Features have a strong impact on the overall costs of AI app. For example, UX design services may vary a lot. The simplest prototyping will be twice cheaper than high fidelity wire frames. And the implementation of some elements may cause some hidden cost factors. For instance, the complexity of AI integration and App animations.

App Platform
Yet another factor that influences app development costs is a dev platform. Apps can be native, hybrid, cross-platform and AI integrated. Price of work for apps for various platforms varies. But it is important to choose the exact one your business needs.

App Category
Category makes the most hefty effect on the cost of AI app. Each category has several criteria like number of users, for examples. Its criterion influences the dev process and hence the costs.

How can mobile app development stages affect cost?

The process of building an AI app includes plenty of stages. A professional IT company  divides its pricing models to each development stage accordingly. 

The stages include:

  • Automation
  • Personalized Experiences
  • Resource Optimization
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Scalability
  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • Improved Fraud Detection.

Ways to Optimize Your AI Mobile App Development Cost

Which of mobile development phases are critical and which are not? How can we optimize cost?

There are  couple of hacks that dev team uses to optimize development cost. Have a look at some of them: 

  1. Requirements matter

The team listens to the requirements of the customer regarding the app. Relying on their experience a dev team offers their customer only necessary features. By avoiding unimportant features the team cuts time and cost of development.  

  1. Build an MVP 

Minimum value product is a small version of the actual app. It needs less time and money to be developed. Such an app has enough features for launching. It can also be enhanced later on in case of good response.

In order to receive a successful AI app for a good price, you need to consider a lot of factors. Choosing the right development team is the most critical one.

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