Estimating website development cost in 2023

In 2023 online presence becomes more essential for any type of company. It makes a website a must-have digital business asset. More than 70% of enterprises have yielded the profit from a good website. It helps them offer their services, find new clients and build trust in domains.

What is the cheapest cost for a website? Has the number changed with appearance of Chat GPT?

In 2023 the prices for websites have changed compared to previous years. An average project that requires constant development costs up to $10, 000 per month. But a price for a simple webpage is $1,500 per month.

Business owners need to choose between off-the-shelf or custom website solutions. We should admit that each approach has own pluses and minuses. But what influences the website development costs? Can you save and have a good website? What is an average price for web development in 2023?

Read further to find answers to the questions.

Why is website development actual price higher than an average one?

An ordinary project consists of design, features, hosting and integration. Some types of websites need more complicated and longer development. There are 4 factors that make dev teams go beyond an average budget. It is important to understand the factors to calculate the price.

  • Scope Creep

One reason why estimation varies from an average market price is scope creep. It takes place when a customer doesn’t have a clear vision for their project. They may have new functional requirements in the middle of dev process. If it happens, the team will have to increase resources and final price.

  • Communication gaps

Any business owner understands how critical interaction with a dev team is. But not every of them see the importance of such talk. Lack of contact with the team may lead to missing critical features. The developers will need to add them later. It will exceed the expected cost of the project.

  • Third-party integrations

Websites with end-to-end experience integrate with third-party services. These are social media platforms, payment gateways and CRM systems. You can budget for these integrations. But it is hard to do when integrating with unfamiliar APIs. They may ask for unexpected compilation.

  • Technical challenges

All sites are unique and may have some random technical issues. In the long run outdated plugins, legacy software, etc. may cause a problem. It will need extra time and money.

What to consider for estimating a website development

  • The cost of the domain name

Unique domain name represents the internet address of your website. It helps visitors find and access the website. The domain name costs around $10 to $20 per year. But the exact cost depends on how unique name and type of extension are. Premium type will cost you more than a standard one.

  • Design costs

Design aesthetics like color, graphics, layout impact dev costs. It enables investing in design tools and labor of web designers. A working hour of a designer costs between $30 and $80 in the USA.

  • Functionality costs

Functionality refers to how a website responds to user interactions. Extra features may need bigger budget. Business may need to add user registration systems, contact forms, etc.

  • Web hosting

Fees for hosting are an integral part of a website price. A web hosting provider gives you a server space for rent. You need it to store your website files and have 24/7 access to them. Web hosting prices depend on several factors. They are space, speed, security, reliability and level of service.

  • SEO

Search engine optimization will add a bit to the budget. Good SEO makes your website rank high on search engine results pages. URL structure optimization and keyword research will make a strong base. You need to consider costs for them as well as for meta tagging and content optimization.

  • Maintenance and upgrade costs

You need to be ready for maintenance and upgrades expenses. Want to insure a good performance and cyber security of a website? You need to update security patches, plugins, content and data. It will help you meet industry standards and stay in the loop of new requirements.

What factors grow web development cost

It is important to know factors that may grow the budget to plan it. Look at some of them.

  • Design complexity

Complicated design affects the total cost of the project. A website with simple graphics requires less time and effort. Complex projects include custom UI components, animations, or artwork. Only developers with unique skills can do such tasks. Their service will cost you more. You may need to invest in advanced tools to have it.

  • Integration complexity

Complexity of integration is another factor affecting costs.  Some business needs to integrate the site with current business systems. In case it has as legacy software or a database. The approach depends on quality of API documentation and customization level. Extra expenses will stem from labor cost of narrow specialists. Dealing with issues that arise after the launch may increase the budget.

  • Content or data migration

If you have an old site, you may need to migrate its content to a new website. The same is true for any other data in the legacy system. The amount of data you’d like to transfer will affect the project cost. You may hire an external data expert if no one on your team has the skills.

  • Content management system (CMS)

The cost of CMS provider will influence your budget in two main ways. These are advance planning and long-term maintenance. Open source solutions like WordPress have affordable license fees. But your own enterprise-grade CMS needs maintenance costs before you start paying license fee. Choose an option that fits your business goals and resources.

Hidden web development costs. Tip to cut expenses

There are many hidden costs that can drive up the cost of website development.

Planning costs. You may want to involve professional planners from the start. It will cut scope creep.

Accurate documentation. Detailed SRS and design mock-ups help avoid costly mistakes.

Internal employee training. Internal teams may need training on the latest web dev tools. For instance, they need to learn Agile method. The method fosters iterative development and team connection.  It will save you money and increase speed of development. If your team uses it, you’ll deliver your website to the market faster.

Testing and Quality Assurance (QA). No matter how simple your website is, it needs testing. Quality control ensures it functions as planned. The idea is to identify any bottlenecks that might prevent it. Keeping it in mind, prepare to hire quality control experts.

What way can Arixess help you with website development?

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