ATOPMEX Trading Automation



Atopmex was one of the leading precious metals dealers on Canadian market during 2016-2018 years before restructured and united with other dealer. Atopmex was the most technology based dealer on the market thus providing clients with top level services.


UI/UX Design: 200+ hours
Architecture: 400+ hours
QA & Testing: 600+ hours
Project Management: 400+ hours
Development: 1800+ hours
Challenge Strategy & Solution Features Result


A new growing up Canadian precious metals dealer ATOPMEX decided to invest into technologies and win Canadian market using most progressive approaches for eCommerce.

They called Arixess with a request to compose an offer for building a complex system for automated trading of precious metals on Canadian and USA markets. The goal was to create an automated trading system to continuously increase sales without keeping physical stock and appear always on top among competitors.

Strategy & Solution

Precious metals market was a new industry for Arixess in 2014, so started from deep research and numerous negotiations with ATOPMEX with a purpose to get complete imagination of how processes flow on the market.

The next step was to specify number of tools and solutions to be developed in order to let ATOPMEX reach the goal. We investigated what competitors do and what they do not, what should be leveraged to make ATOPMEX one step ahead of the competitors and what resources are required for that.

Finally Arixess delivered a solution for ATOPMEX that included several subsystems responsible for particular functions. The solution included web-site with all eCommerce facilities, it supported multiple language and multiple currencies, all prices on the web-site were dynamic and updated each 30 seconds to fit market spot price fluctuations. The eCommerce also included market prices analyzer that in real time checked prices from competitors and fixed own markups to make own prices most competitive and profitable.  Another part of the solution was SMP – Social Media Processor: a tool that utilized all work with social networks, it automated publications, posts, announcements to several social networks, activities in target community groups, ATOPMEX was always on top when it went about searching for precious metals. A 3rd part of the solution was subsystem called CAP – Classified Ads Processor – processed all activity on trading networks, classified ads directories.

That was an automated trading system that increased revenue in times without additional money investment into precious metals.


  • eCommerce Facilities
  • Dynamic Prices
  • Automatically fixed markups
  • Dynamic stock-listings
  • Buy in dynamic prices
  • Competitor prices analyzer
  • Automated orders on vendor’s web-site
  • Automated management of ads on classified ads directories
  • Automated social media activity
  • Rich mass-mailing facilities
  • Integration & Automation with eBay and Amazon


The result was significant raise of sales and income, it was a basis for the business scale and transformation. The system automated everything that required manual work and human intervention and allowed to increase productivity significantly.


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