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FitZone is a leading health and fitness company dedicated to helping people achieve their wellness goals.
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FitZone faced the challenge of managing their billing process, which was inefficient and cumbersome for both staff and customers. The current billing system lacked the functionality to automate tasks, and the customer experience was poor due to delays in payment processing and errors in billing.

Strategy & Solution

Arixess’s strategy was to create a billing system that would automate tasks, improve customer experience, and reduce errors in billing. The solution was to develop a cloud-based system that would integrate with the FitZone website and automate billing processes, including payment processing and invoicing.

The new billing system includes features such as automated billing, online payment processing, and a customer portal for managing payments and subscriptions. This has reduced the workload on FitZone staff, increased accuracy in billing, and improved customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Arixess worked on improving the overall user experience of the system, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. They conducted extensive user testing to ensure the system was intuitive, and made iterative improvements based on user feedback.


  • Member registration: The billing system should allow for easy member registration, capturing necessary details like name, contact information, and membership type.
  • Membership management: The system should handle different types of memberships, such as monthly, quarterly, and annual, and allow for easy management and tracking of active members.
  • Automatic billing: The system should automatically generate and send invoices to members based on their membership type and billing cycle, ensuring accurate and timely payments.
  • Payment processing: Integration with payment gateways or POS systems to securely process member payments, including credit cards, debit cards, and online payment platforms.
  • Discount and promotional code support: The system should support the application of discounts and promotional codes, allowing for flexible pricing options to attract and retain members.
  • Pro-rated billing: Ability to calculate and manage pro-rated charges for new members joining in the middle of a billing cycle, ensuring fair and accurate billing.
  • Billing history: Maintain a comprehensive billing history for each member, including payment dates, amounts, and any adjustments or refunds issued.
  • Payment reminders: Automated reminders sent to members who have overdue payments or upcoming billing dates to ensure timely payment and minimize delinquencies.
  • Account statement generation: Generate detailed account statements for members, summarizing their payment history, outstanding balances, and any additional charges or fees.
  • Multi-location support: If the fitness room has multiple locations, the billing system should be able to handle billing and membership management across all locations seamlessly.
  • Membership freezes and holds: Provide the ability to freeze or put a membership on hold for a specified period, suspending billing temporarily.
  • Prorated refunds: Ability to calculate and issue prorated refunds to members who cancel their membership before the end of their billing cycle.
  • Guest passes and day passes: Support the sale and tracking of guest passes and day passes for non-members, with options for single-use or multiple-use passes.
  • Membership upgrades and downgrades: Allow members to upgrade or downgrade their membership level easily, with appropriate adjustments made to their billing.
  • Cancellation and termination handling: Provide a streamlined process for members to cancel their membership, including handling any necessary termination fees or notice periods.
  • Tax management: Ability to apply taxes to membership fees and generate tax reports for compliance purposes.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate reports and analytics on membership trends, revenue, and other key performance indicators to help in decision-making and business growth strategies.
  • Late payment fees: Support the application and tracking of late payment fees for members who fail to make timely payments.
  • Integration with access control systems: Seamless integration with access control systems to ensure that only active and paid members can access the fitness room.
  • Membership anniversary reminders: Automated reminders sent to members on their membership anniversaries, potentially including personalized offers or incentives for loyalty.
  • Suspension and reactivation management: Ability to suspend and reactivate memberships for members who go on vacation or take extended breaks from the fitness room.
  • Personal training and additional services billing: Support billing and invoicing for additional services like personal training sessions, group classes, or specialized programs.
  • Referral program tracking: Ability to track and apply referral credits or discounts for members who refer new members to the fitness room.
  • Membership transferability: Option to transfer a membership from one member to another, subject to applicable terms and conditions.
  • Customizable invoicing and branding: Flexibility to customize invoices and billing statements with the fitness room’s branding and contact information for a professional look and feel.


The new billing system developed by Arixess has transformed FitZone’s billing process, providing a seamless and efficient experience for both staff and customers. The system has enabled FitZone to attract new customers and increase revenue while reducing workload and errors. Arixess continues to work with FitZone to add new features and capabilities to the system, ensuring that it remains up-to-date and meets FitZone’s evolving needs.


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