Arixess provides project based outsourcing services for clients from and out of Eastern Europe. This type of work allows our clients to find an optimal balance between cost-efficiency and reliability of presented solutions. We widely use Agile/Scrum software development methods, we are great in adaptive planning, early delivery and flexible response to changes. Our collaboration with clients starts with a workshop where client’s representatives and Arixess consultants discuss all the details and make sure to provide the parties with the necessary data.

Our will to continuous improvement encourages us to use development approaches which guarantee to offer you project outsourcing services that are best for yourbusiness structure.


We have great experience in developing and introducing various enterprise web-based systems, CRMs, online back-offices and other supporting services. Efficient combination of carefully elaborated technical solution and further progressive marketing campaign is the tool that leads our clients to success.


Arixess develops CMS-supported web-portals andsolutions for e-commerce that correspond to responsive design principles. Our CMSs allow clients to manage their web-sites and create content easily with no need of extraordinary knowledge or skills. Useof a unified console permits to align easily all running business processes.


Arixess develops complex solutions of different scale for mobile devices and cross-platform mobile solutions for iOS, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and WindowsMobile. Expand your presence on the market, increasing your mobile target audience.


Modern business has no borders. We build solutions that are able to support telecom business, go well with high-loaded servers and are optimized for functioning on multi-servers.


Products developed by Arixess are made with respect of modern media life. We assure clients’ presence in social networks, provide them with automated social media systems and introduce support systems via social networks.

How can we help you?

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