Why our clients choose a Client Owned Software Development Centre?

Own Software Development Team is a way for any company to get its own IT team and manage its work directly and with minimal cost expenditures. We will provide you with the base of top specialists in their field, allowing you to get access to the best talents. It is you who chooses the personnel and forms the team. This model has proved its efficiency and is getting more and more popular all over the world. It is already being used by our clients for developing platforms and apps, as well as running and optimizing their business processes.

Arixess has direct access to the personnel base including over 200 thousands highly qualified specialists. Our scalability evolves as your business grows and you need more resources to carry out your plans and run processes, allowingdrawing in more people with less charge and risks.

What Are The Benefits?


Our staff consists of experts highly qualified in web-development, iOS and Android development, testing, research, application architecture design, administration of servers, telecom software and others.


Own Software Development Team means transparency of the expenditures. Though cost matter is not the decisive factor for our clients, this model allows to reduce software development costsbyhalf.


We operate with a great number of trusted highly skilled engineers that enables you to choose those who are perfect for your project. Even if you have very specific requests or need more people, we will find the appropriate candidates in the shortest terms due to our attraction for experts and consultants.


Resorting to the services of Own Development Team, you get personnel working just for your projects that you can easily manage according to your business needs. We offer our assistance to guarantee the highest efficiency of this collaboration.


Arixess provides full range of services for setting Own Development Team and implementing projects of any complexity.

Need A Custom Solution?

Arixess is aimed mainly on complex lasting projects. But we appreciate all our clients and are ready to develop a custom solution if you need it, providing you with an excellent product.

How can we help you?

Please, contact us to discuss how our team can help your business to achieve true results