04 August

Arixess Inc. Has Now A Representative Office In UK

Arixess is glad to announce opening of its representative office in Liverpool, UK. This step is an essential part of our development policy, since the United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in the industries we are most actively working for. As this country’s economy is strong and resilient, high-quality IT services are in high demand. We expect reaching out to many new clients and building long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Our company has rich experience of successful international cooperation, helping clients around the globe to enhance their success with advanced web and mobile solutions. Arixess is always ready to listen to you carefully. We will make sure that all your requirements and national standards are fully met.

Expanding the network of international offices is one of our company’s strategic objectives. Together with our Canadian office, the new British one will facilitate communication with overseas clients, and thus strengthen our presence on international markets.

You can find our new representative office at the following address: Elm Lodge, 14 Elbow Lane, Liverpool, L37 2DQ. If you are in the UK, feel free to contact us any time.