24 November

Anounced Beta Release For "My Gem Place" A Main Tool For Gems Traders

As the gem trading industry grows, more and more companies cater for customers, striving to offer the most attractive prices and the best service. Instead of building their trading systems from scratch, new market players often choose to spend money wisely, and thus are looking for online trading solutions that would be both reliable and not overly expensive.

Arixess, one of the world’s leaders in IT solutions for precious metals and jewelry traders, has implemented a beta-version of its proprietary online trading platform, which takes into account all the standard needs of gem traders and makes launching of new individual online gem stores much faster and more affordable.

The platform’s name is MyGemPlace.com. It enables traders to manage their stocks, vendors, customers, and retail prices through the online panel. In essence, MyGemPlace.com users are able to manage their business from any place on the globe – the only condition is internet access. Customers can easily search the products available, quickly finding the items matching their search criteria.

Our developers are currently introducing new features and polishing the platform. The full version is expected to be released by the end of March 2016.