Branding and visual corporate identy have become a necessary element of any successful business. Professional design becomes even more important if you aim to create an engaging website or a computer game. Keeping this in mind, Arixess provides the following high-quality graphic designer services:

  • Graphic and 3D Modeling for the gaming industry
  • Creation of any type of graphics for your business needs (both for electronic and printed media)
  • Full-scale software GUI design and webpage design

The technologies we work with include:

3D Studio Max

This multifunctional software package is one of the most widely known and used tools for customization, collaboration, and creation of 3D content. No wonder that many clients request their 3D modeling to be done based on 3D Studio Max technology – and our team has vast experience with it.

3D Maya

This 3D modeling and animation software is one of our favorite tools for 3D tasks. It offers a vast feature set for computer modeling, animation, simulation, rendering, and compositing. With its accelerated modeling workflows and advanced display technology, Maya helps Arixess to fully employ our creative potential for your success.


This digital sculpting and painting program with numerous features and built-in plugins is flexible enough for us to choose a workflow that suits your task best. We often use ZBrush to quickly sketch 2D or 3D concepts and then take those ideas all the way to completion.

Marvelous Designer

This design software is great for creation of virtual 3D clothing. Thanks to its compatibility with other 3D software, it is used by Arixess to add final touch to 3D forms created in other software – such as physical properties and fabric textures.

Adobe Photoshop

One of the oldest and most well-developed raster graphics editors known in the industry, Adobe Photoshop is an indispensable software for Arixess – we use it on a daily basis for tasks ranging from simple photo editing to intricate design of webpage elements.


When it comes for design of brochures, e-books, or any other promotional materials, Adobe InDesign is a boon. It has become standard software for creating layouts for digital and printed publications. In addition to the usual PDFs, it can be used to create EPUB and other content tailored for tablet computers.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a professional vector software used by our graphic designers to create logos, charts, diagrams, illustrations, and other illustrations. It is indispensible for creating high-quality resizable images, such as elements of a visual corporate identity. No wonder Arixess designers use it quite often and for a wide range of tasks.

How can we help you?

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