As the number of mobile devices around the world constantly grows, the importance of online applications cannot be overestimated. At the same time, cross-platform mobile solutions become more and more popular: businesses want to access as wide audiences as possible, regardless of which particular mobile operating systems a client may choose.

Arixess keeps up with the times, offering its clients professional application development services. Our programmers have vast experience in developing mobile apps for iOS, Android, and other mobile operating systems; they are also well versed in cross-platform solutions.

The mobile software created by our programmers serves a number of industries and in wide range of applications: games, eCommerse, information sharing.
We are fully capable and ready to implement your ideas for mobile platforms.

Here are some of technologies Arixess works with:


It is safe to say Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world: in fact, according to Google, 8 out of 10 phones around the world operate on Android, with the total number of users exceeding 1 billion. Arixess has rich experience of creating commercial Android applications, which help businesses to meet the growing demand.


iOS is an operating system used on Apple’s mobile products. For programmers, iOS means fast and convenient development. For the user, the advantages of iOS include: excellent user interface, enhanced multi-tasking, and high security standards. Not surprisingly, many Arixess clients choose iOS for their apps – especially those aiming at the US market.


As follows from its name, Appcelerator is a platform aiming to help developers and businesses create mobile applications – quickly and at scale. Arixess uses its powerful features for cross-platform app development and testing. What’s also important, Appcelerator provides real-time analytics that can be used to measure user engagement parameters, enabling you to see how successful your app is.

Phone Gap

PhoneGap is an open-source cross platform mobile development framework. Arixess appreciates PhoneGap for the possibility to re-use web development skills and quickly build native apps for various mobile platforms with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. PhoneGap apps can run on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Bada, Tizen, LG webOS, Firfox OS – you name it!


Xamarin is a convenient platform that features a library of pre-built components and allows writing native Android and iOS apps in C#, directly from Visual Studio. What’s more, thanks to Xamarin, Arixess can test your app on a collection of over 1,000 different devices, making sure the app is bug-free and 100% ready for your users.


Netbiscuits is a popular cloud platform used for development and delivery of web apps across mobile devices. It provides unique server-side and client-side detection, giving businesses access to the precious contextual information of web visitors. In other words, with Netbiscuits you'll be able to deliver the right content to the right device; this ensures better customer experience and conversion.

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