Over the recent decade, cloud computing has quickly made its way from experimental technology to a key compontent of every other big IT project, providing scalability, reliability, and saving costs.

Here at Arixess we have access to a pool of professionals with extensive cloud computing experience, who are ready to employ their knowledge and skills to create a fine-tuned computing infrustructure meeting your every requirement.

Here is the list of the SaaS (Software As A Service) products that Arixess will choose from when dealing with your project:

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services – Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, and others – are great tools to increase your computing capacities, scale applications, and lower IT costs. It provides servers, databases, storage and a wide set of application services. With AWS you can access as many resources as you need, paying only for what you use.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a fast, reliable, and convenient cloud technology based on high-performance SSD Hard Drives. The virtual servers can be managed either via the online control panel, or via the flexible API, which supports all the major virtual server actions. Digital Ocean provides very fast deployment and the ability to select the most suitable data center location.

Google App Engine

This platform is very popular for creation of scalable web apps and mobile backends. It works with numerous development tools (Eclipse, IntelliJ, Maven, Git, Jenkins, PyCharm, etc.) and provides a number of APIs and built-in services (e.g. a user authentication API, memcache, NoSQL datastore, task queues). One more considerable advantage of Google App Engine is automatic scaling.

Windows Azure

This cloud computing platform and infrastructure is provided by Microsoft. It has become quite popular with international corporations, helping them to build, deploy, and manage applications and services based on a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. Azure is quite versatile; it includes both PaaS and IaaS services, and supports numerous tools, frameworks, and programming languages.


KVM stands for „Kernel-Based Virtual Machine,” an open source virtualization solution compatible with a number of operating systems: Windows, BSD, OS X, Solaris, Haiku, Plan 09, ReactOS, and AROS, etc. KVM uses Linux for various tasks that a hypervisor needs to do – for instance, managing memory or scheduling tasks – and thus can effectively run a number of workloads on virtual machines.


OpenStack is an open-source free cloud software, which ensures fast deployment and great scalability. This technology has a modular architecture and consists of many interrelated components, which control pools of processing, storage, and networking resources. The software includes Juju, MAAS, Ceph, and VMWare. OpenStack is easily manageable, either through the web-based dashboard, through RESTful API, or through command-line tools.


Rackspace is a US based company that offers both cloud and dedicated servers. Their cloud servers provide two levels of service: Managed Infrastructure and Managed Operations. The latter includes many additional services to help with day-to-day cloud workload operations: OS maintenance/patching, infrastructure monitoring, and application maintenance. Their experts are ready to assist even in DevOps automation.


The Xen Cloud Platform (or XCP) is an open source cloud solution that provides out-of-the box virtualization and cloud computing. It includes the Xen Hypervisor, the Xen API toolstack and integrations for cloud, networking, and storage solutions. Xen consolidates server workloads and optimizes the use of existing hardware.

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